Published: September 3, 2021

Evaluation of TF-IDF Algorithm Weighting Scheme in The Qur'an Translation Clustering with K-Means Algorithm

117-129 M Didik R Wahyudi

Study and Analysis of Network Topology Performance Using Wireless Distribution System Technology

130-136 Mohammad Faried Rahmat, Erfan Rohadi, Indrazno Siradjuddin, Farif Chrissandy

Website Visitors Forecasting using Recurrent Neural Network Method

137-145 Putu Bagus Arya, Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, Achmad Basuki

Utilizing of the Trello API Within the Development of a Monitoring Information System Recording of Project Activities Using a Website-Based Kanban System (Case Study : Electrical Project of PT. XYZ)

146-157 Rayhan Alya Chaerul, Widhy Hayuhardhika Nugraha Putra, Buce Trias Hanggara

A Rapid Review of Image Captioning

158-169 Adriyendi Adriyendi

Virtual Machine Customization Using Resource Using Prediction for Efficient Utilization of Resources in IaaS Public Clouds

170-182 Derdus Kenga, Vincent Omwenga, Patrick Ogao

A Literature Review of Knowledge Tracing for Student Modeling : Research Trends, Models, Datasets, and Challenges

Ebedia Hilda Am, Indriana Hidayah, Sri Suning Kusumawardani

Sentiment Visualization of Covid-19 Vaccine Based On Naive Bayes Analysis

Nabilah, Dian Pratiwi, Anung

Development of an Intelligent Smart Home Automation System

Interactive Design of 3D -Tactile Map for Visual Impairment people

209-224 Muhammad Arif, Fatwa Ramdani, Agung Setia Budi