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The use of wireless networks has become a trend at this time. However, this can cause several problems in the use of this technology. One of the problems arising from this technology is the limited signal coverage in a certain place. To solve these problems, WDS technology is an alternative solution that can be done. WDS technology will be applied to each room. In this study, QOS analysis will be used to evaluate throughput performance and response time. The test scenario is performed with 1000 users (simulated) for seven days, four sampling times considering working hours and outside working hours. The analysis results show that with WDS technology, the resulting performance tends to be more stable with a throughput value of 500 KBps and a max response time of 5.5 ms.

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Mohammad Faried Rahmat, Politeknik Negeri Malang

I am a student at the polytechnic of Malang, majoring in electrical engineering. I like to learn about computer networking
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Rahmat, M. F., Rohadi, E., Siradjuddin, I., & Chrissandy, F. (2021). Study and Analysis of Network Topology Performance Using Wireless Distribution System Technology. Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, 6(2), 130–136.


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