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The Al-Quran translation index issued by the Ministry of Religion can be used in text mining to search for similar patterns of Al-Quran translation. This study performs sentence grouping using the K-Means Clustering algorithm and three weighting scheme models of the TF-IDF algorithm to get the best performance of the Tf-IDF algorithm. From the three models of the TF-IDF algorithm weighting scheme, the highest percentage results were obtained in the traditional TF-IDF weighting scheme, namely 62.16% with an average percentage of 36.12% and a standard deviation of 12.77%. The smallest results are shown in the TF-IDF 1 normalization weighting scheme, namely 48.65% with an average percentage of 25.65% and a standard deviation of 10.16%. The smallest standard deviation results in a normalized 2 TF-IDF weighting of 8.27% with an average percentage of 28.15% and the largest percentage weighting of 48.65% which is the same as the normalized TF-IDF 1 weighting.

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R Wahyudi, M. D. (2021). Evaluation of TF-IDF Algorithm Weighting Scheme in The Qur’an Translation Clustering with K-Means Algorithm. Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, 6(2), 117–129.


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