Published: June 8, 2018

Introducing a Practical Educational Tool for Correlating Algorithm Time Complexity with Real Program Execution

1-15 Gisela Kurniawati, Oscar Karnalim

Service Design of Implementation Primary Health Care Management Model Service “Andal†in PG Kebonagung Polyclinic, Malang District

16-34 Yasir Sani, Ismiartha Aknuranda, Herman Tolle

Sugeno-Type Fuzzy Inference Optimization With Firefly and K-Means Clustering Algorithms For Rainfall Forecasting

35-48 M.Shochibul Burhan, Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, Rizdania Dermawi

Peak Load Prediction Using Fuzzy Logic For The 150 kV Sulselrabar System

49-59 Muhammad Ruswandi Djalal, Andareas Pangkung, Sonong Sonong, Apollo Apollo

E-Learning System Audit in Engineering Faculty of Nurul Jadid University using Cobit 4.1 Framework

60-66 Anis Yusrotun Nadhiroh, Durratul Hikmah

User Experience on E-Government Online Services: A Case Study on The SIMPATIKA Service Application at The Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia

67-76 Bondan Sapta Prakoso, Apol Pribadi Subriadi

Extreme Learning Machine Weights Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm In Electrical Load Forecasting

77-87 Vina Meilia, Budi Darma Setiawan, Nurudin Santoso

Usability Evaluation of Mobile-Based Application for Javanese Script Learning Media

88-93 Ratih Kartika Dewi, Nurizal Dwi Priandani, Komang Candra Brata, Lutfi Fanani

Development of Academic Assessment Management Information System (Case Study: KB & TK Permata Iman)

94-103 Firnanda Ifitah Dewi Antono, Satrio Agung Wicaksono, Aryo Pinandito

Automation Of Independent Path Searching using Depth First Search

104-112 Achmad Arwan, Denny Sagita

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