The articles in this issue (10 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 24 authors from 4 countries (Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Japan).


Published: July 29, 2020

Maintenance Web Based Applications Using Feature Location

115-122 Achmad Arwan, Denny Sagita Rusdianto

Citizen Participation in Responding to Natural Disasters Through Twitter Messages

123-137 Rizky Pamuji, Ismiarta Aknuranda, Fatwa Ramdani

Road Damaged Analysis (RODA) using Built-in Accelerometer Sensor in Smartphone

138-150 Choirul Huda, Herman Tolle, Fitri Utaminingrum

Aksara: Interactive Digital Pocket Books as an Effort to Increase Politeness in Language

151-159 Buce Trias Hanggara, Noveria Anggraeni Fiaji, Prima Zulvarina

Applying Linear Regression to Estimate Weight of Non Axi-Symmetric fruit

160-167 Hurriyatul Fitriyah, Eko Setiawan, Muhammad Rifqi Radifan Masruri

DBSCAN for Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition

168-176 Wisnu Aditya, Herman Tolle, Timothy K Shih

Comparative Evaluation of Usability between QWERTY-Based Arabic and Non-QWERTY-Based Arabic Keyboard Layout: Empirical Evidence

177-193 Ismiarta Aknuranda, Almira Syawli, Budi Darma Setiawan

Agent-based Modeling and Simulation for Evacuation of Landslides Natural Disaster

194-206 Afta Ramadhan Zayn, Fatwa Ramdani, Fitra Abdurrachman Bachtiar

Quality Evaluation of EPC to BPMN Business Process Model Transformation

207-220 Ahsanun Naseh Khudori, Tri Astoto Kurniawan, Fatwa Ramdani

Challenges in Developing Sequence Diagrams (UML)

221-234 Tri Astoto Kurniawan, Lam-Son Lê, Bayu Priyambadha

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