Road Damaged Analysis (RODA) using Built-in Accelerometer Sensor in Smartphone


  • Choirul Huda Brawijaya University
  • Herman Tolle Brawijaya University
  • Fitri Utaminingrum Brawijaya University



Road damage produces serious problems for the driver such as travel efficiency, vehicle value, and even driver safety. In some cases, road damage causes accidents and ends in death. Currently, road damage detection research extends to grow and present various approaches such as the implementation of an accelerometer sensor. However, the implementations face lacks of accuracy since unable to work in real-time and poor implementation. In the end, the system inadequate to identify damaged roads effectively. Therefore, a comprehensive study was proposed. Firstly, data collection is conducted by applying a low-pass filter to obtain accurate data. The next step is estimating the range value of the accelerometer graph. In the final step, the classification is performed to identify road conditions into smooth, medium and poor. Based on some experiments that have been done, the proposed method accurately recognizes road conditions by 86.67%.


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