Plug-in for Annotating Semantic Effect on BPMN Business Process Models


  • Hilman Nuril Hadi Brawijaya University
  • Tri Astoto Kurniawan Brawijaya University
  • Ismiarta Aknuranda Brawijaya University



BPMN has become the standard of business process modeling in
describing the existing series of business process. By engaging BPMN, an analyst
would possibly able to model the whole business process activities in which
he/she may analyze business process upon design time. It can be done by
analyzing the structure, behavior, or semantic of process model. In certain
condition one may ask a question what would the effects of the process be if it
were to be executed up to this point?. However, it cannot be solved with only
graphical notation, but with its semantics. In practice, several modeling tools still
do not provide a feature for managing information regarding the effects/results
in the business process model. In fact, analysts should be supported with a tool
in order to semantically enrich a process model with its effects. This article
describes effect annotation semantically towards activity in the BPMN model
including the rules in representing its effects. The effect annotation will be suited
towards activity type (atomic and compound activities). The outcomes of plugin development of eclipse BPMN2 modeler for representing semantic effect are
also described in this paper.




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Hadi, H. N., Kurniawan, T. A., & Aknuranda, I. (2019). Plug-in for Annotating Semantic Effect on BPMN Business Process Models. Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, 4(2), 116–126.