Automatic Measurement of Human Body Temperature on Thermal Image Using Knowledge-Based Criteria


  • Hurriyatul Fitriyah University of Brawijaya
  • Aditya Rachmadi University of Brawijaya
  • Gembong Edhi Setyawan University of Brawijaya



Instead of thermometer, an infrared camera could be uti-
lized to scan body temperature instantly and non-contact. This paper
proposed a non-contact measurement of human body temperature by au-
tomatically locating inner-chantus on thermal images. The inner-canthus
were detected in both eyes individually. It located inner-canthi based on
temperature where inner-canthi has the highest temperature in face area.
A Thresholding based on 9-highest temperature were applied to detect
candidates of inner-canthus' blob as it must have minimum 9 pixel area
according to the Standard. Three knowledge based on characteristic of
eye were also applied in the algorithm as several spot in face usually
falls within the temperature threshold. The result show accuracy of al-
gorithm to detect eye is 82% whether the eyelids were open or closed.
There is no signicant dierent of temperature between closed and open
eyes based on paired t-test. The algorithm also showed similar result to
thermometer measurement based on paired t-test.


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Fitriyah, H., Rachmadi, A., & Setyawan, G. E. (2017). Automatic Measurement of Human Body Temperature on Thermal Image Using Knowledge-Based Criteria. Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, 2(2).