Event Recommendation System using Hybrid Method Based on Mobile Device


  • Dio Saputra Kudori Brawijaya University




In everyday life there are many events that are held. Theseeventuse various ways in term of announcing eventfor attracting people to come.Because there are many event that are held in everyday life,an event recommendation system can be implemented to provide event recommendations that are appropriate for the user. In developing event recommendation systems, there are many methods that can be used, the onethat frequently used is collaborative filtering. The event recommendation system has a unique character compared to other recommendation systems. This is because the event recommendation system doesn’t use the classic scenario of a recommendation system. In this study we tried to use a hybrid method that combines collaborative filteringwith sentiment analysis. The experiment show that the results of the event recommendations have an accuracy value of 82%. Itshows that the hybrid method can be utilized for developing event recommendation systems.


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